Friday, June 14, 2013

Good Afternoon to all Happy Crafters out in blogland. Whoo-hoo, its almost the weekend...time for crafting. Well let me re-introduce myself, and I say re-introduce because I once had a blog by the name of Smookiedo Crafts. If any of my followers should happen to be reading this you will have noticed that it has been a while since I posted at Smookiedo. Due to some serious computer issues and some really bad internet issues and of course some really really bad webpages, I had to make the decision of starting a new blog with a new name. Well I am back with everything new except for my love of doing crafts & making cards. If that has changed then my love (or addiction) to it has deepend. Is that possible? Can't wait to join some challenges and other things that I can find to get in to. So if you were a follower over at my old blog, I sure would like for you to follow my new one and if you are new then please click the button to the right and become a follower. I promise to return the consideration and become a follower of your blog also. I do hope you have a wonderful weekend and that it is filled with lots of love, laugher, fun and lots of crafting.


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