Saturday, December 27, 2014

Must Learn...

I really must learn how to make my blog as pretty as I see all the others that I visit! Guess this will be one thing for me to do in the new year!

A Long Time....

Its been such a long time since I have been here. I have really  missed out on a lot I am sure. But I decided to come back! I just hope I can remember on how to do everything here in blogland! Quite a bit has happened since I was here. I have changed positions where I work. I have gone from doing 12hrs on the nightshift to doing 8hrs Mon thru Fri. I can honestly say that I feel much better instead of tired and rundown all the time. I have my own office and love what I am doing! And after working 8hrs a day I now have more time to do what I love and that is playing with all my pretty paper, my Spectrum Noir markers and all the gadgets that I have to create cards. Not going to air my dirty laundry here on the internet/blog but lets just say that I am now raising my three grandchildren (all boys)! I love them and they are my inspiration to many things I do in my life. During the time I was away from here I have manage to redo my craft room (which I love!) and I have manage to redo my entire home! I needed a facelift I guess you could say. I have done most of the work myself and I am happy with it! I even splurged on myself and got me a new car. Not a used one but a brand new one! My grandchildren love riding it and every time they get in it one of them are sure to say "I love this new care smell!" One of them has already asked me if he could have it when he turned 16 which is about 6 years away! Dreaming of driving it already! So for any of you who are still following me, thank you for not deleting me off your list! I hope to be able to post everyday but in the real working-class, raising 3 children sometimes it may not be possible but I will do my very best to post as many cards as possible! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and made many memories! May your New Year be wonderful also!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Post Didn't Post!?!

I guess it looked like I had abandoned my blog, when actually I had done a "scheduled" post...well, I guess its still circulating out in blogland somewhere! I do apologize to all my followers! I am so sorry! To all of you who are following me, Thank you so much! So, where have I been? Well, you know how you can be sitting at your craft table or in your craft room and it just hits you out of the blue, that little voice that speaks to you...I think my craft space could use a change? Well, it hit me, right up side the head...You need a major change!! So, over the past week or so I have been doing some shopping (something we all love, especially if it involves crafts, right?). So when I say "Major Change", that is exactly what I mean...hanging new drywall, painting, new furniture, new organization items, and the occassional craft supplies (I just can't walk by something that is on sale or items that are 60-80% off and leave it there, especially when I think to myself, "I could use that some where!") So I am currently waiting for my new craft desk to come in and it is scheduled to come in sometime next week! And while I am redoing everything in my craft space I am currently making an inventory book of all the items that I have so I (hopefully) will not being buying duplicates! Does anyone else have an Inventory Book of their craft supplies? I am taking before & after pictures to share! Not sure when I will get back to be able to post as I am doing all this redo to my craft space in between working 12hr shifts! Hopefully it will not be too much longer as I miss being on here and looking at all the beautiful creations that others share! Hope everyone has a wonderful day and I will be back soon!!!!

Sending a smile your way!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thank goodness its Wednesday!

Wanted to welcome the new followers!! Whoo-hoo, started out this week with none and now up to 10! Makes a person smile!! Like I said yesterday, if I dont get the opportunity to visit your blog today I will be visiting the next couple days as I have those days off. Just done another 12hrs and have one more to go (tonight). Doing 12hrs three days in a row doesn't leave much time for crafting, although I did wake up a little early yesterday afternoon and continued the coloring on the stamp I am doing. Working with some colors I usually dont work with but I like it. I hope that tomorrow after a quick nap I will be able to get it together and get it posted and search around for some challenges that maybe I can enter! I guess with me getting up early yesterday would explain the extreme tiredness that I am feeling right now. I do believe that it is time to go to bed as my eyes feel like they have sand in them....must be Mr Sandman! lol!

Sending smiles out to you,

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Just want to say Welcome and Thank You to all of you who have become followers!! I have tried to visit everyone's blog to become a follower of yours. If I have not become a follower yet please hang on and I will get to you very soon. I am just getting home after working 12hrs last  night and will have to do another 12 hrs tonight and tomorrow night! I hope that some where with my creations that I can inspire atleast one person and I hope to draw inspiration from all the new blogs that I am following!!! Eye lids are very heavy (and I am having to hit the backspace alot to correct my mistakes)! Time for me to lay my tired body down and get some rest! Once again thank you for becoming a follower!!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy Monday!!

A good and happy Monday morning to all the lovely crafters out in blog land!!! I hope your week will be a lovely one filled with lots of crafting time and making some beautiful cards or whatever it is that you enjoy doing! Well I thought by now I would have at least one follower, but I don't. :(  I guess it will take some time before my blog is out there and others become aware of it! I did not post last week as I was very busy last week (wish I could say it was just filled with day after day of crafting, but sadly to say it wasn't). I have been busy with coloring this morning and got to get my card together as I have found some challenges that peak my interest! It is raining here in my part of the world, so it is a really good morning to just sit and create! Decided to take a break from it and get my blog updated! Will have my completed project up within the hours! Take care and hope you have a very crafty Monday!!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

As Promised...

My 12 hr shift is over with and as promised here are the "ingredients" I used to put my co-workers card together.
  • Stamp is by Sylvia Zet called Silver Fairy (I love all of her stamps!)
  • Spectrum Noir (my favorite) markers were used 
  • BT 1/3/4/5/7
  • GB 5/8/10
  • CT 2/4
  • DG 1/2/4
  • TN 2
  • FS 1/8
  • IG 2
  • Prima Flowers
  • Inks by Studio G
  • Paper: stash
  • Sizzix dies
  • Sentiment (can't remember where I got it from so if it belongs to you, please let me know as I believe in giving credit to those who work hard to create for those of us who are a bit challenged in that department!)
As much as I would love to enter the card into a challenge after 12hrs my eyeballs are not quite seeing straight! I believe I saw the sandman peeking around the corner! LOL!
To all the Father's/Daddy's/Dad/Pop, however he may be called "Happy Father's Day!" Well its time for me to nibble on some food and lay my poor ole tired body down for some another 12 hr to do tonight, but Monday & Tuesday will be used to create something new and enter some challenges!!! Hope you have a great wonderful day!!! Remember, please become a follower if you haven't!