Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thank goodness its Wednesday!

Wanted to welcome the new followers!! Whoo-hoo, started out this week with none and now up to 10! Makes a person smile!! Like I said yesterday, if I dont get the opportunity to visit your blog today I will be visiting the next couple days as I have those days off. Just done another 12hrs and have one more to go (tonight). Doing 12hrs three days in a row doesn't leave much time for crafting, although I did wake up a little early yesterday afternoon and continued the coloring on the stamp I am doing. Working with some colors I usually dont work with but I like it. I hope that tomorrow after a quick nap I will be able to get it together and get it posted and search around for some challenges that maybe I can enter! I guess with me getting up early yesterday would explain the extreme tiredness that I am feeling right now. I do believe that it is time to go to bed as my eyes feel like they have sand in them....must be Mr Sandman! lol!

Sending smiles out to you,

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  1. Hi Patsy! So happy you are getting some followers now! I love your blog!!