Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Just want to say Welcome and Thank You to all of you who have become followers!! I have tried to visit everyone's blog to become a follower of yours. If I have not become a follower yet please hang on and I will get to you very soon. I am just getting home after working 12hrs last  night and will have to do another 12 hrs tonight and tomorrow night! I hope that some where with my creations that I can inspire atleast one person and I hope to draw inspiration from all the new blogs that I am following!!! Eye lids are very heavy (and I am having to hit the backspace alot to correct my mistakes)! Time for me to lay my tired body down and get some rest! Once again thank you for becoming a follower!!!

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  1. Hi, Patsy! Met you at The Outlawz and am now following you. I hope you will share some of your craftiness with us there. We have lots of fun challenges and hopefully some inspiration!